Weatherization Work Parties

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Just thought I’d update you on our newest developments, which is all made possible through collaboration between Our Power, and Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF). This collaboration has resulted in the forming of Southside Energy Action Leaders (SEAL), which are geared towards engaging renters and homeowners in collaborative action to save energy and generate clean energy.

SEAL will achieve this energy vision primarily by educating residents through helping them to form 20-25 teams to to host and conduct weatherization work parties, particularly along the Lake Street corridor.  It will then help them get detailed home energy assessments and implement insulation, air sealing, and residential and community solar. Even better, these $50 weatherization workshops are free within neighborhoods touching Lake Street, but we are willing and ready to facilitate workshops all over the twin cities.

To sign up for one of these weatherization work parties or for additional information, please contact project coordinator Marlena Needham at (612) 548-1333. You can also send an email to


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