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Residential Programs

The following programs help residents save energy. Our Power does not run these programs, we simply refer people to worthwhile existing opportunities. You can also sign up for or request more information about any of these opportunities on page 3 of the “Take Action Form

Community Action Weatherization

Minneapolis Community Action is a federally funded program that provides energy assistance and free weatherization to low-income families – 17,000 Minneapolis households are currently served. To have your home weatherized for free, the household (if a single unit) or at least 50% of residents (if multiple units) must qualify for the income guidelines – homeowners and renters (with landlord permission) are eligible. Your building must also not have been previously weatherized by Community Action in the past 15 years. To receive free home weatherization that will dramatically reduce your energy costs, you must apply for Energy Assistance, which will pay part of your energy bills. Use this process to apply:

  1. Submit the Energy Assistance program application (4 pages plus proof of income and your last utility bills). Visit or call (612) 335-5837 to get an application.
  2. Wait 6-10 weeks for your application to be processed. You will receive an award letter at the end of this period if your application is approved.
  3. When you receive your award letter, call Community Action to request weatherization at (612) 335-5837. If you qualified for energy assistance, you will be automatically eligible unless Community Action has weatherized your building in the past 15 years.
  4. After an energy assessment, contractors will weatherize your home free of charge. The process may take a month or more after you call (step 3).

Community Energy Services:

The Center for Energy and the Environment offers this program that is a combination of direct education and subsidized direct installation of energy-saving products ($40 co-pay, $30 before March 31st 2012). Home-owners who live in owner-occupied buildings of 4 units or less are eligible. The process has the following steps:

  1. Attend a free educational workshop hosted regularly at locations across Minneapolis. You can find a list of upcoming workshops and register online at or call 612-219-7334 to register by phone.
  2. At the workshop you attend, you can schedule a home visit for the $40 co-pay ($30 before March 31, 2012). During this home visit, energy experts will assess needs in your home and directly install up to $400 worth of energy saving products, including programmable thermostats, light-bulbs, and weather-stripping. They will also identify other next steps you can take and conduct a basic energy audit.
  3. For more information, contact Ashley Robertson,, 612-335-5869

Cooperative Energy Futures Home Energy Workshops:

Cooperative Energy Futures is a cooperative owned by local community members that provides training, education, and bulk-buying of basic energy efficiency products for residents (homeowners and renters) through home energy workshops. The workshops ($10 per households) are based in the home and focus on helping residents learn how to save energy and install basic energy saving features – this helps people sustain energy-savings in the long-term. CEF also offers low-cost energy efficiency materials (light-bulbs, air sealing, low-flow water fixtures – most items cost $1-$3) based on residents needs. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Schedule your home workshop sometime at a time that will be convenient for you (anytime 9AM-9PM Monday-Sunday except before 3PM on Thursdays).
  2. Identify if you plan to invite a few other households you know (making it social), or if you are okay with A. CEF inviting a few other neighbors to join in at your house or B. host the workshop at another nearby house.
  3. Attend the workshop and learn how to save energy at home. Pay the $10 workshop fee.
  4. Buy low-costs products you need at the workshop or later.
  5. Work together to implement energy-saving practices in your home.
  6. Contact Colin McKiernan (612) 568-2334 with questions or to schedule a workshop.

Cooperative Energy Futures Neighborhood Insulation:

Cooperative Energy Futures also helps groups of neighbors lower the cost and improve the quality of large scale home energy improvements like insulation and air sealing by hiring contractors as a group. Homeowners and landlords are welcome to join in community projects (renters are encouraged to get landlords involved) with other households to get discounts on insulation and harness CEF’s expertise and combined purchasing power to find high quality contractors. Here’s how:

  1. Contact Colin McKiernan (612) 568-2334 with questions and to get on a list for the program. Identify what services (insulation, air sealing, furnace replacement) you need. Ask Colin if any of following information is unavailable.
  2. Call to get a home energy assessment (~$300 depending on your needs) to identify an exact work spec (much more detailed than a utility audit).
  3. Get bids from various qualified contractors approved by CEF for the program (or just use the contractor selected if after the meeting).
  4. (optional) Attend a community meeting with other participating residents to select a contractor.
  5. Identify financing options if needed (CEF can help).
  6. Join CEF ($25 or 10 hours volunteering) and sign onto the project (cost based on bid).
  7. Work is completed – pay the contractor.
  8. Party with your neighbors and get others involved.

Commercial Programs:

coming soon …

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  1. Chris Tin says:

    Visit the Our Power page on Facebook to find out about upcoming events. This Saturday, March 16, 2013, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM we are hosting a Midtown Neighborhood Energy Party in
    Midtown Global Market basement meeting room. There will be networking and Free food with Vegan options! Please RSVP at Eventbrite >>> so we know how many people will be eating Vegan.
    The address is: 920 E. Lake Street (the old Sears Tower), Minneapolis, MN 55407. The Our Power Facebook page is >>>

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